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Cllr Nesil Caliskan – NEC Blog February 2023

Thank you to everyone for their support in our first few months representing local
government on Labour’s National Executive Committee. Tudor and I are grateful for
your patience, as we settle into the role.
Since being elected, we’ve attended the NEC away day in Newcastle and met some
of the Party’s amazing staff that work incredibly hard for Labour victories up and
down the country.
We’ve also been involved in a number of NEC sub-committees, including
Organisation Sub, Equalities Committee, Audit, Risk & Compliance Committee and
Complaints & Disciplinary Committee.
Most importantly, Tudor and I are committed to speaking up on your behalf, and on
behalf of local government. We know how important it is to remind the wider Labour
family that all politics is local, and the difference between having a Labour council on
the side of our communities, or a Tory one levelling-down our areas, is stark.
That’s why it has been great to see the attention and focus May’s local elections are
getting in the Party. They have been discussed at the recent NEC away day and
subsequent NEC meetings. The need for candidates to be selected as soon as
possible, utilise the Party’s new campaign organisers and resources available, and
drive postal vote registrations, will be critical for Labour local government victories in
May. Tudor and I have also raised the issue of voter ID due to be in place for this
coming May and the impact it could have on get out the vote operations.
It’s been great to hear about campaign plans and a laser focus on winning the next
set of local elections and then general election. Of course, a good performance in
May’s locals will undoubtedly help at the next General Election. More councillors will
mean more activists and campaigners in our communities, showing the difference
Labour makes in power.
It’s been interesting to discuss the next General Election, monitor constituency
selections, track the diversity of candidates, and making sure the Party machine is
ready to get the Tories out of government and Keir Starmer into Number 10.
The steps the Party has taken over the past few months all contribute to election
victories, so that our communities’ benefit from Labour in power. A new Labour HQ,
growing the membership, increasing funding to the Party, and developing policy that
is focused on voters’ priorities.
I know that Labour councillors know better than most about the priorities of people in
their areas. That’s why Tudor and I will continue to work hard to highlight the good
work of Labour Groups – both in power and in opposition.
It has been great to meet with and speak to councillors from across the country, and
over the coming months I want to do more to visit as many Labour Groups as I can.
Please do not hesitate to contact the LGA Labour Group team if you would like me to
visit an upcoming Group meeting.
Cllr Nesil Caliskan